I invite you to take a journey with me as two questions in the book, Wisdom from the Afterlife are explored.

1) What is the purpose of this life?

2) What struggles or challenges are worth the fight?

Wisdom from the Afterlife contains messages spirits channeled through me. These messages provide an unworldly perspective about the importance and meaning of life. The downloaded communication reveals lessons the souls learned on the other side from a review of their earthly existence. Life stories, channeled from the spirit realm, exposed their inner struggles to find happiness. The souls watched their loved ones repeat the same earthly mistakes. They pierced barriers of frequencies and silence  to share insights that could help us discover more harmony and joy in our lives. A tone of urgency underscored the timeliness of the spirits’ messages for people today.

Many of the channels or stories in Wisdom from the Afterlife came from souls who passed by suicide or substance abuse. Four of these downloads were from spirits of people who had been in the entertainment profession. I feel they came through to highlight the importance of suicide and substance abuse prevention.


“In Our Hearts the Message is the Same-Notice Me for Who I Am”

Recognize and Appreciate Your Uniqueness and that of Others

From the youngest person to our oldest generation, a universal desire within each of us is acceptance.

A popular celebrity played roles on the screen, which emphasized the beauty and dignity of every individual. After passing, his spirit continued this quest. His soul came through to open our hearts to people who may silently cry, “Notice me for who I am, not the person I pretend to be. Take the time to truly care.” “Just see me, love me, notice me.”

This chapter stresses the key to happiness is accepting and valuing you. It is only then, we “see” others.

“Forgive Now, Don’t Wait, the Cries from All Are Heard.”

 Forgiveness, a Great Healer

To forgive and let go of hurts, perceived or real injustices, is probably the hardest challenge people will deal with during this lifetime. Spirits channeled important messages to the living, and shared how the inability to forgive was at the root of their unhappiness while on earth. Not letting go of the past can affect lives, not only yours, but those around you. Learn how your decision to forgive, or not forgive, can be life changing, depending on the choice you make.

“We Become the Joker of Our Reality” “Let Go of Darkness”

Avoid the Seductiveness of Shadows

We know that the night produces darkness. Unless there is some form of light, it is difficult to walk, drive or navigate to a location. Do we recognize the shadows in our lives that make us stumble and struggle with life’s challenges or that highlights our fears and weaknesses? Channeled messages from the afterlife can help us reevaluate how actions or thoughts influence our daily life.

“Much Will Be Revealed When You Pray and Meditate”

The ART of Spiritual Growth…Ask, Receive, Trust

Spirits downloaded messages about the importance of asking and then quieting the mind to receive the reply. Learn how to find answers to questions in your life. Discover how to access your own inner wisdom and intuition.

“I am Sorry. Not until I Left Did I See the Light and Love I Left Behind”

Messages from Souls Who Left Too Soon.

Souls who ended their life through suicide, deliver messages to help loved ones cope with the loss. One of the channeled downloads in this chapter describes the numbness and feelings of defeat before the tragedy. All the messages are from a dimension of love, and offer forgiveness, hope and healing.

The Time to Heal is Now”

The Healing Effects of Letting Go and Moving Beyond the Grief of Losing Someone Close

We experience physical separation and emotional hurt when we lose someone close. Spirits see our grief. Souls have pierced the veil of silence to remind us, they are OK and in a place of love and peace. The heart connection is eternal. Their love for us continues in the afterlife.

This chapter provides stories how spirits intervened and brought healing, hope and love to their loved ones on this earth plane, when they needed it the most.

 When you read the downloaded channels and messages in the book, Wisdom from the Afterlife, I invite you to remain skeptical. If something registered in your heart, perhaps, the message from the other side, may be for you.


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Trust your Intuition and Inner Feelings

Be Empowered.

Take Action with ART-Ask, Receive and Trust

A-Ask for guidance from angels, spirit helpers, departed loved ones, higher self and God. Tune into your emotions and gut feelings.

R-Receive answers through whispers in your mind, five senses, and signs from the universe. Take the time to listen and observe.

T-Trust what you receive, without judgement. Build your confidence to receive. Show gratitude.

ART, the Beauty of Expression through Action

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