What Can I Expect From a Reading?
• Understand your Human Design and personality traits
• Validation of emotions, intuitions, and feelings
• Understand challenges which prevent manifestations
• Learn tools for personal healing, guidance and peace
• Freedom from fear and the unwillingness to forgive
Fresh perspective and more confidence in your life
How Do I Prepare for a Reading or Healing?
  • Set an intention.  Have a purpose for the reading or healing
  • Open your heart and mind
  • Be positive
  • Yes or No answers provide more accurate readings
  • You will hear information to move forward in your life. It is your choice and free will if you want to follow the suggestion.
  • All readings and healings are conducted with caring, positive energy and with Divine purpose for the highest good of yourself and others
  • As a lifetime teacher, my commitment is to empower you to believe in your personal power and wisdom
What Are the Responsibilities of a Medium? *
• Comfort those who mourn
• Provide Knowledge of the life to come
• Provide Heighten Awareness of the bio-electrical energy body that survives death
• Teach Personal Responsibility for actions performed here on earth
• Increase the manifestation of Love Towards Others, regardless of race, religion or orientation
• Help us Respect All Life on this planet, to conserve and wisely use our God-given resources
• Promote Well Being through healing the spirit, mind, and body by understanding the facts of survival
• To encourage Personal Development leading to complete Freedom from Fear

* Mastering Mediumship Class-James Van Praagh

Hypnosis and What Can Be Expected?
  • Basic function of hypnosis is relaxation, heightened consciousness and sub consciousness, and lower anxiety and negative mind chatter
  • You are always in control and know and hear everything that is said or happening around you on a subconscious level• Benefits…clearer understanding of goals and how to achieve them
  • Our mind is powerful…it can prevent us from attaining dreams or a better life OR the mind can guide us to tackle and understand areas of our life that benefit us.
Human Design Chart Readings
  • Explanation of how Human Design can transform your life
  • Your Type and Strategy is discussed to help you make decisions and prevent resistance, frustration, anger and bitterness
  • You will learn your Personality Profile and understand how you interact throughout your day
  • Become aware of your Incarnation Cross which identifies your life’s  purpose
  • Identify and understand your Defined and Open Energy Centers
  • Learn how to use your Inner Authority to make decisions in your life and relationships
  • Find out how to identify which energy is consistent and which comes and goes depending on the people around you and the daily transits
  • Learn about your defined channels, open Gates and how they impact your life
  • Understand your strengths, challenges, shadows, gifts and how they can help to commit to a more fulfilled life
  • Become more accepting of your unique self and stop being what you think others want you to be. Become empowered!