Maureen kept her inherited intuitive abilities hidden most of her life. Her first spirit encounter was at the age of eight. As she glanced out the window one evening, rows of spirits glared back. Frightened, she snapped the shade down.

The next visitation came twenty years later. On the beach one evening, a vision of her deceased grandfather appeared beyond the shoreline.  This time Maureen shared the incidence with her grandmother. She discovered that they both had seen the same image around the same time, and with a 90-mile distance between the two women.

During the discussion with her grandmother, Maureen learned some guarded family secrets. Both her grandmother and grandfather had been plagued with spirit visitations. Grandmother’s stern warning to Maureen, “Society will not accept these visions as anything but rubbish”   reinforced people did not talk about spirit encounters. The tone of her words influenced the way Maureen lived her life.

The next thirty years, Maureen led a normal and predictable life as a mother to three sons and worked as a teacher and principal in the public-school system.

Two years before Maureen planned to retire; she attended the funeral of a loved and respected man of the community who had committed suicide. During the service, she heard in her mind,” I didn’t know I would cause so much pain,” echo from a fog above the casket. It encased her friend’s essence. Chills robbed her body of all sensation, as her mind turned numb from questions of uncertainty. The earlier teachings of the Catholic Church taught when a person took his life, the soul would suffer eternity in hell. Was that the punishment for Eddie? Did his final act erase all the good he had done in his life?

That day changed the course of Maureen’s life. Her thirst for answers forged a trail, which tore down the walls of personal and religious security. The universe opened doors to deepen her spirituality and intuitive gifts through classes, workshops and personal challenges. She delved into the foreign world of spirit as doubts and fears tugged behind.

Channeled messages of healing, love, hope and forgiveness from souls in the afterlife began to emerge at a steady pace through readings, meditations and semi-conscious states of sleep and trance.

Many of the souls that channeled through Maureen were victims of suicide, drug and alcohol overdose. Their messages held important insights for today’s culture and society. The spirits’ words contained a wisdom that could only come from an in-depth learning and understanding of life – such as reflections from a life review in the afterlife.

The messages included current topics of conversation, but carried an unworldly perspective.

Maureen understood the lessons from spirit could affect many people today and help prevent individuals from repeating the same earthly mistakes. Every time she stood up to her fears to bring the channeled messages to a public audience, her grandmother’s words, spoken many years earlier, echoed in her mind. The realization spirits trusted her to deliver their messages finally became the louder voice in her mind.

The messages and stories of hope, love and forgiveness from the spirit realm are found in Maureen’s book, Wisdom from the Afterlife, A Collection of Messages Channeled from the Other Side.

Credentials of Maureen Angelini

BA—Child Development

MA—Education Administration

Human Design and Gene Keys Coach

Certified Angel Practitioner (Charles Virtue)

Certified Clinical Hypnotist-International Therapy Training Organization

Trance Mediumship-James Van Praagh, Mavis Pattilla

Mastering Mediumship Class-James Van Praagh (5 days)

Mediumship, In Service to Spirit-Maureen Murnan (70 hours)
Inspired Speaking, Platform Mediumship
Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

Facets of Trance Mediumship-Minister Simone Key (70 hours)
Trance Healing, Speaking, and Communication
Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

Mediumship, Training and Development 2-Glyn Edwards (70 hours)
Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

Healing Training-Diane Silvester

Regular and active participation in Development Circles

Contemporary Phenomenal Trance-Minister Simone Key (70 hours)
Trance States and Phenomena for the Present Day
Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

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