A Son’s Spirit Delivered a Message His Dad Needed to Hear Over the years, I have learned that spirits can be quite obstinate when they want to deliver a pertinent message to a loved one and that the heart connection continues beyond death. In the following incident, a son’s spirit intended to help his father release the guilt associated with the son’s passing.

Sam, a family friend and real estate agent, had agreed to meet with me and possibly list my property for sale. Two years earlier, Sam’s son, Ryan, passed suddenly at the age of thirty-four. The speculation in the minds of people who had known Ryan thought his death could have resulted from an accidental overdose or possible suicide. I had not seen Sam since he lost his son.

The first and only time I had a chance to interact with Ryan was at Thanksgiving, nine years earlier. His warm smile and charming personality captured my attention. Unfortunately, the young man relied on prescription pain pills to manage his chronic back pain. In spite of this difficulty, Ryan had a playful competitiveness about him. I fondly remember the ping-pong challenges he and I enjoyed before dinner.

The day before Sam and I planned to meet, visions of Ryan playing ping-pong on the patio appeared frequently in my mind’s eye. This did not seem out of the ordinary, as it was the only memory I had of the young man.

Shortly before Sam was due to arrive, I experienced an annoying restlessness. This usually indicated a channel might be trying to come through, especially if my thoughts began to focus on someone in the spirit world. Did Ryan want to communicate a message through me to his Dad? I knew too much about the family. Could I remain objective? Would I second-guess the intent of the message? Due to my insecurities, I blocked all thoughts Ryan wanted to channel.

Within a minute of my initial reaction to Ryan’s spirit, and with Sam on the verge of arriving, a familiar feeling took over my senses. Tingles ran up and down the side of my face. This was a signal that the spirit was close and a message was about to be received, whether I was ready or not. Suddenly, the words and images flooded my mind with information as my hand scribbled down what I received. When the download ceased, immediately my self-doubts returned.

Would Sam be open and receive the messages his son intended for him to hear? Very few people knew my “secret life,” and he was not one of them. Grandmother’s warning from many years before echoed in my mind, “Keep these things to yourself, people will think it is rubbish.” Sam, no doubt, would view paranormal activity with a chuckle of disbelief and dismiss all evidence that it was possible.

Suddenly my back and right knee felt a discomfort so severe I nearly dropped to the floor. What was happening? Scoliosis and arthritis in my back reared its nasty head from time to time, but this felt as if a heavy rod had hit me. Moments later, I realized the pain was not mine. As I acknowledged that the discomfort belonged to Ryan while he lived on earth, the intense feeling stopped. At that exact moment, Sam drove up the driveway.

After a warm greeting, Ryan’s passing entered into our conversation. Sam shared his memory of the Thanksgiving ping-pong challenge many years ago and immediately, chills covered my body. All fears to reveal the recent spirit encounter disappeared. Words gushed out of my mouth as Sam stared in bewilderment and plopped into a nearby chair. His eyes glazed over and they never left my face as I read the words his son’s spirit delivered.

Sam confirmed the spirit’s message that his death was heart failure. The pain I experienced earlier resembled the way his son described it, and yes, it was his right knee. The loving messages of comfort and description of things with personal significance validated Ryan’s spirit was near. Gradually, Sam accepted the channeled words from his son.

Even though Sam’s grief eased over the last two years, the guilt of the 24 hours that preceded Ryan’s passing still haunted him. Not feeling well due to a recent cold, Sam did not have the energy to respond to Ryan’s complaint of pain in his chest. He had told his son if his problem persisted, they would seek medical assistance the following morning. Ryan passed from heart failure during the night, or as Ryan’s spirit channeled, “a swollen heart.”

Sam carried the guilt that he could have saved Ryan’s life, if he had taken him to the hospital that night. Through the downloaded words, Ryan’s spirit addressed the heavy burden his dad carried when he channeled the words, “Tell him there was nothing he could have done. I love him.”

This visitation, from another vibrational frequency, validated spirits are near and always around us, especially in time of pain, struggle, and happiness. Souls who have passed from the earthly plane deliver messages to free us of guilt, heal our hearts, and to remind us that love continues into the afterlife – the bond is never broken.

As this story attests, every channeled message I received or delivered from spirit was from a source of pure love, with no strings or conditions attached. Often, the messages revealed an urgent need to be heard; those in spirit see our pain. They want to deliver words that will touch our heart, tell us they are at peace and to live our life with joy. These spirits want to send messages of love, hope and healing to loved ones.

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