When you read the downloaded messages from the spirit world, I invite you to remain skeptical. If a chord of familiarity registers in your heart, the message may be for you.

The Night Watchmen Channel, a collective of souls, stated, “Our army of soldiers march to the field to be heard by many. We wait to be heard, don’t turn your back.”

A spirit entertainer who died by suicide states, “The I is really we. The we is just louder than a single voice. In unison, we say, “Take the time to truly care. See my pain. Look at me. Look at my eyes. They reflect my soul. When my light is dim, notice, ask, see me. We hide our pain under a mask.”

A young woman who died by suicide at the age of twenty-two voiced an insistent plea, “Please give him this message. He needs it now.” The fiancé she left behind felt he could have prevented her death and was on his own suicide mission.

A family man and important member of his community who died by suicide channeled, “Only when we leave this plane do we see the light and love left behind. The mind yells out in pain for what we see in the ones left to pick up the pieces. Their cries pierce our souls a thousand times more than the pain we thought we knew. Tell them I love them more than they can imagine. Let them know I’m okay and always around. I didn’t mean to cause so much pain and sorrow. It belongs to me, not them. They did nothing wrong. I’m sorry.”

Suicide rates, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health challenges have increased at an alarming rate among our youth, as young as ten, as well as among our veterans and senior population. People blame the increased population, COVID-19, a weak economy, social media, bullying, and several other culprits. The sad truth our society is left to grapple with: Why does even one person think their life doesn’t have value?

Suicide remains a reluctant topic to discuss, much like alcohol abuse thirty years ago. The tragedy of Robin Williams’s death opened a dialogue about suicide prevention, mental health stigma, and associated health issues. Statistics reveal suicide claims the lives of over 48,300 Americans every year (CDC). According to the American Association of Suicidology (AAS), an estimated quarter million people become living survivors each year.

Maureen understands and acknowledges the uncertainty, disbelief, and religious dogmas that surround mediumship and suicide. “I held the same beliefs before retirement. When I accepted my innate ability to communicate with the other side, the sorrow, humility, and love felt within the transmitted messages couldn’t be ignored. Spirits provided urgent messages for those who struggle with life and the aftermath of a death by suicide.”

Her book and audiobook, Wisdom from the Afterlife. Messages from Departed and Suicide Souls, is set to be released in July 2024.

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