Maureen Angelini is a credentialed teacher. She has a natural ability to motivate people and help them to live life without limitations or regrets. Maureen’s intuitive gifts include: trance mediumship, trance and distance healing, and ability to channel information on the physical plane and from the afterlife.

60 Minutes

All Services

$100/60 Minutes

30 Minutes

All Services

$60/30 Minutes

15 Minutes

Angel Tarot Card Reading

$35/15 Minutes

All services are $100 for 60 minutes, $60 for 30 minutes, $35 for a 15 minute Angel Tarot Card Reading. They include person-to- person readings, phone, Skype and web conference.

  • Human Design-Level One
  • Human Design-Level two
  • Trance Healing
  • Distance Healing (emotional, physical or spiritual healings)
  • Mediumship
  • Angel Tarot Reading (3 to 10 card readings)

Hypnosis or light meditative trance can be included with the Angel Tarot Readings or Human Design for a more in-depth experience.

All services are provided from a place of love and spirituality.

Openness and trust are vital for this process to be effective. It is the same with any exchange of energy in this physical world, rather it be in a phone call, social media exchange or a person-to-person conversation with friends. Sincerity is the key to effective communication.

Elite Signature Packages for 3 or 6 months are available. These programs are personalized with individualized services and outcomes. Call for details.

Interactive Workshops for churches, organizations and events can be arranged. Call for details.

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All services offered by Maureen Angelini, site owner of Journey of Spirit Enlightenment, are for guidance, personal interests, and can show possible outcomes. Psychic readings are enlightening and empowering, but your Free Will dictates your life's path. The readings and services are not intended to replace any form of medical treatment. Refunds will be given on prepaid services if notice of cancellation is given 48 hours before scheduled appointment.